Villages seek to cultivate a sense of family, made up of singles, couples, and kids. All are welcome as we together discover what it means to be peacemakers in Seattle and beyond. This isn't a bible study, but it is a space where you will be known by others and will experience God's love.

A Village is a group of people (about 10-20) committed to living out a shared set of values as a spiritual family. They both learn what it means to care for each other and to encourage each other in a lifestyle of peacemaking.

They seek to:

  • serve together,
  • reflect on Sunday's sermon (and Scripture) together,
  • share about our highs and/or lows together,
  • and pray together

It takes a village to raise a child, as the old saying goes, and it truly takes a village to experience life transformation. It is impossible to become fully alive as a human being—by becoming more like Jesus—without the company of others. Jesus had about 12, plus several others—we need the same. 

If you attend Pangea on Sundays, checking out a Village is your best next step.

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FAll Village Focus

Peacemaking practices: See, Immerse, Contend, Restore.

This fall, we are taking some time to "zoom out" and grow in our own peacemaking practices. As a Village, we seek to spur each other on as ambassadors of peace in Seattle and beyond. Rather than merely having ideas about peace, we feeled called as peacemakers to live differently in the world. For the first several weeks of the Fall, our Villages will orient themselves around key peacemaking practices, guided by curriculum from our friends at The Global Immersion Project.


On the fourth Village gathering week of the month, they break into smaller groups called Circles.

A Circle is a subgroup of a Village focused on spiritual transformation. 

When?: Circles meet at the same time as the weekly Village. When kids are involved, some Circles may stagger times creatively to allow parents to engage without the expected interruptions from the kiddos. But the basic idea is that folks gather at their host home or at least near it.  

Where?: When it is possible, they can break out into different rooms within the regular meeting home. When this is not practical, Villages may opt to have circles meet in coffee shops, pubs, parks, homes, or anywhere else that facilitates space for authentic conversation, spiritual practices, and seeking the way of Jesus together.

Who?: Anyone involved in a Village is invited to connect with a Circle. They consist of 3-4 same-gender (typically) folks who intentionally meet every other week as apprentices of Christ.

Fun?: Circles are invited to meet outside of regular meeting times once each month to stay connected. Food, hikes, pubs, cayacks, ice skating, coffee, and movies are highly encouraged.