Rest in God. Transformation into Christlikeness. Retreat with the Spirit.

In the Scriptures, Sabbath is a day of rest. It is a day to unplug from normal patterns and to plug into the mystery of God. From Friday evening through Saturday evening, to this day, our Jewish friends observe this moment of pause. Although as non-Jewish Christians we don’t follow the Sabbath as strictly, the vision that it sets forth benefits us greatly. In our fast-passed lives, stopping everything to spend intentional time connecting with God and others is a revolutionary act. So revolutionary, that it may transform our very souls.  

Jesus is our model for how to live in communion with God. He regularly took time away from the crowds to connect intimately with a smaller group of disciples and his heavenly Father. Imagine what life could become if we created space in our schedules to rest in God and allow our character to be shaped by the Spirit. It would add meaning to all of the other days of our lives.  

At Pangea, we are inviting folks on a journey: a Sabbath journey. This involves a commitment to attend 4 retreats per year, for 3 years. The retreats will begin on a Friday evening in a shared space and will end on Saturday evening (retreats will be local). Then, on Sunday morning we will wrap up the weekend with worship and Communion.  

To claim a spot for the Summer Sabbath gathering, to take place from Friday August 19-20 (plus Sunday morning), read through the following information and sign up at the bottom of the page. Deadline: Friday August 12th.


  1. Make each retreat a priority (Fri evening—Sat early evening & Sun morning).
  2. Contribute financially to food and housing.
  3. Purchase and read books and/or articles in advance to prepare for retreats.
  4. Join us on Sunday to celebrate our time together.
  5. Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the process of transformation.

The following outline with books is tentative and subject to change. We will inform participants, well in advance, about the finalized topics and resources. On average we will read 1 book and possibly some sections from another book or an article. Where two books are listed, it is possible that we will use it as a formation resource for either during or after the retreat.

YEAR ONE: Vision of Transformation

  1. Summer 2016: God’s Posture and our Narratives | Resources: Good and Beautiful God, Smith (chap. 1-3) & Daring Greatly, Brown
  2. Fall 2016: The Nature of Transformation | Resources: Revolution of Character, Willard and Simpson & Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice, Johnson
  3. Winter 2016: Grace as Transformation | Resources: Ragamuffin Gospel, Manning & The Return of the Prodigal Son, Nouwen
  4. Spring 2016/17: Life in God’s Kingdom | Resources: The King Jesus Gospel, McKnight & Living in Christ's Presence, Willard  

YEAR TWO: Practicing Transformation

  1. Summer 2017: Spiritual Disciplines and Character Formation | Resources: The Spirit of the Disciplines, Willard & The Making of an Ordinary Saint, N. Foster
  2. Fall 2017: Communing With God Through Prayer | Resources: Everything Belongs, Rohr & The Practice of the Presence of God, Br. Lawrence
  3. Winter 2017: Calling and Vocation | Resources: Let Your Life Speak, Palmer
  4. Spring 2017/18: Community, Justice, and Formation | Resources: Practicing the Way of Jesus, Scandrette  

YEAR THREE: Identity and Transformation

  1. Summer 2018: The Gift of Self-Awareness | Resources: The Gift of Being Yourself, Brenner & Enneagram, Rohr
  2. Fall 2018: Scripture & Sacrament in Identity Formation | Resources: Eat this Book, Peterson & The Meal Jesus Gave Us, Wright
  3. Winter 2018: Spirituality and Normal Life | Resources: Raw Spirituality, Smith
  4. Spring 2018/19: Transformed to Transform: Making Disciples | Resources: The Great Omission, Willard

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